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There is no real good reason to. If you have enough content screaming for your attention and don’t need another email, then please don’t subscribe. I understand and respect your position. Moreover, you can just bookmark kc.substack.com and come to it regularly. The content I write over here will be free and I will do my best to keep it at a reasonable quality.

The reasons for subscribing are:

  1. You have some interest in my views on technology, productivity, mindfulness and leadership.

  2. You are my mom, my wife or a friend who wants to show some support.

  3. You like content delivered to their inboxes.

If you choose to subscribe, I appreciate the support as seeing that there are some people who benefit from my regular meeting is motivating.


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I write about productivity, mindfulness, technology and leadership. I intersperse that with the best of what I come across on the internet.